About Us

A Little Summary About Company

Who We Are

A resource for Advertising products, Specialties and Innovative Ideas. Our unique range of products provide top-quality sources for a wide range of novelty and specialty items and services, including custom design and manufacture of gifts, accessories and artwork. Albizco has a respected clientele which is satisfied with the customer service that is being served to them for so many years. Located in the heart of printing market of Karachi, Albizco has access to all facilities needed to satisfy corporate needs of advertising and serves as a consultant between the conventional printers and media directors.

We Offer Service In

  •  Promotion of your product through
  •  Gifts
  •  Premiums
  •  Souvenirs

Our Priority Is To Provide You

  •  The best value for money
  •  The best competitive price.
  •  The best delivery of order on time.
  •  Best quality of your give away products.

We Also Mold

  •  Plastic mugs
  •  Wall clocks
  •  Ashtrays

Our Specialty Is All Kind Of Printing

  • Silk screen printing
  •  Pad printing with latest equipment
  •  Flatbed four color digital printing
  •  Six color panaflex digital printing
  •  Round printing with semi-automatic machines

We Provide The Best Of

  • Give away
  •  Supplies in all sort of items that your company needs
  •  Packaging
  •  Delivering it on the right place as suits you on the right time

We Deal In

  •  Imports
  •  Manufacturing

We Have Stocks Of

  • Card holder
  •  Mobile holder
  •  Executive desk clock
  •  Executive desk sets

  • Globe set
  •  Golf related items
  •  Key chains
  •  Leather items

  • Slip holder
  •  Mugs (ceramic / steel)
  •  Wooden clocks
  •  Items for corporate gifts & general items